"Uni FH"

The "Uni-FH" is a non-electric thermostatic operator for Oventrop radiator valves. It uses a liquid element to sense the temperature and control the valve. The "Uni-FH" is designed for use in a broad range of radiator valve applications. This operator has tamper-resistant internal limiting and locking tabs. The tabs allow the installer to set limits to the temperature range on the thermostat. The "Uni-FH" is also available with a remote sensor bulb for applications with difficult valve placement, such as units near a large window or concealed in radiator cabinets where a wall mounted capillary controller would be ideal.

The "Uni-FD" has the same functions and form as the "Uni-FH," except it is designed for connection to Danfoss RA2000 valves. The "Uni-FD" is not available with a remote sensor bulb.

Item:Connection Type:Remote Sensor Length:Part Number:
"Uni FH"Standard M30x1.56-1/2 ft1012295
"Uni FH"Standard M30x1.516 ft1012296
"Uni FH"Standard M30x1.533 ft1012297
"Uni FH" with remote sensorStandard M30x1.56-1/2 ft1012395
"Uni FH" with remote sensorStandard M30x1.516 ft1012396
"Uni FD"Squeeze6-1/2 ft1012275