"R-Tronic" wireless thermostat and actuator

The Oventrop “R-Tronic” is a wireless programmable thermostatic radiator valve controller. The “R-Tronic” has programmable daily and weekly settings and the temperature can be displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. 

The wireless radiator control is based on the EnOcean standard with one thermostat controlling up to three operator heads. If contact is lost with the thermostat, the operator head will keep the air temperature at 68 °F. The actuator and thermostat are powered by standard AA batteries for simple maintenance. The service life of the batteries is up to two years in most applications.

The "R-Tronic" is designed for use with thermostatic radiator valves for steam or hot water applications. The available table stand lets the thermostat control up to eight actuators.

Item:Part Number:
Programmable wall thermostat1159880
Standard M30x1.5 connection actuator1159665
Powered table stand for thermostat1150694