"Multiflex" radiator valves for service and balancing

The Oventrop "Multiflex" radiator valves are for installation and service of close entry panel radiators. These valves can be used for flow bypass, balancing, shut-off, filling, and draining. PEX and copper compression fittings are available.

Description:Pattern Type:Connection Type:Part Number:
Two-pipe isolating valveStraightG3/4" x G3/4"1015813
Two-pipe isolating valveAngleG3/4" x G3/4"1015814
Two-pipe isolating valveStraight1/2" BSP x G3/4"1015883
Two-pipe isolating valveAngle1/2" BSP x G3/4"1015884
Two-pipe isolating and diverting valveStraight1/2" BSP x G3/4"1015933
Two-pipe isolating and diverting valveAngle1/2" BSP x G3/4"1015934
Two-pipe isolating valveSwivel1/2" BSP x G3/4"1015781