NPT Connections


"AZ" hot water radiator valves

"AZ" valves are designed for hot water heating systems. The EPDM valve disk allows for a wide range of conditions during operation. All Oventrop radiator valves are designed with field replaceable inserts. The entire working portion of the valve can be replaced without decommissioning the system, by using the Demo-Bloc tool.

Size:Pattern Type:Connection Type:Part Number:
DN15 - 1/2"AngleNPT1889004
DN20 - 3/4"AngleNPT1889006
DN25 - 1"AngleNPT1889008
DN32 - 1-1/4"AngleNPT1889010
DN15 - 1/2"StraightNPT1889104
DN20 - 3/4"StraightNPT1889106
DN25 - 1"StraightNPT1889108
DN32 - 1-1/4"StraightNPT1889110
DN15 - 1/2"Reversed angleNPT1889204
DN20 - 3/4"Reversed angleNPT1889206
DN15 - 1/2"AngleSWT1694404
DN20 - 3/4"AngleSWT1694406
DN15 - 1/2"StraightSWT1694414
DN20 - 3/4"StraightSWT1694416
DN15 - 1/2"Reversed angleSWT1694424
DN20 - 3/4"Reversed angleSWT1694426
DN15 - 1/2"Double angle, left handNPT1694062
DN15 - 1/2"Double angle, right handNPT1694063