Inserts for radiator valves

Item no. 1187060 - Standard for hot water radiator valves. Most versatile insert. Can be used for most hot water installations.

Item no. 1186200 - Valve insert with stainless steel seat. Recommended for steam systems.

Item no. 1187057 - Adjustable Cv valve insert, allows technician to balance flow rates. Six different settings.

Item no. 1186001 - Same as “Series AV6” with the additional feature that, if the thermostat is removed, flow will be restricted to 5% normal flow.

Item no. 1067085 - Insert for pressure differentials of up to 60 PSID.

Item no. 1147169 - Opens valve upon rising room temperature. Designed for cooling applications using non-electric thermostats.

Item no. 1187070 - Reduced Cv to correct reversed supply/ return hook-up. Provides a solution for the reversed installation of the valve to be corrected without repiping the valve body.

Item no. 1187065 - Pressure independent automatic balancing insert with a field adjustable balancing range of 0.05 to 0.75 GPM and an integrated strainer screen to improve performance and longevity.

All Oventrop radiator valves are designed with field replaceable inserts. The entire working portion of the valve can be replaced without decommissioning the system, by using the Demo-Bloc tool.

Item:Part Number:
"Series AZ" for M30x1.5 valves1187060
"Series AZ" for M30x1.0 valves1017060
"Series S"1186200
"Series QV"1187065
"Series AV6"1187057
"Series ADV6"1186001
Special insert for reversed flows1187070
"Series TM"1067085