"Hydrocontrol VGC" cast-iron calibrated balancing valves

Precision balancing valves for hydronic systems. Calibrated balancing valves use a multi-turn hand wheel to provide precise flow measurement. Oventrop hand wheels have a minimum rotation of seven turns to enable fine adjustment of the flow setting. The hand wheel has an integrated hidden memory stop to enable the valve to be shut-off without losing the balance position. The valve's setting can also be locked in place with the provided lead sealing wire to prevent tampering.

Size:Flow Range:Connection Type:Part Number:
DN65 - 2-1/2"47 to 106 GPMGrooved1063051
DN80 - 3"48 to 132 GPMGrooved1063052
DN100 - 4"78 to 217 GPMGrooved1063053
DN125 - 5"87 to 317 GPMGrooved1063054
DN150 - 6"180 to 437 GPMGrooved1063055
DN200 - 8"163 to 881 GPMGrooved1063056
DN250 - 10"210 to 1298 GPMGrooved1063057
DN300 - 12"518 to 1731 GPMGrooved1063058