"Cocon QTZ" pressure independent brass control valves

Pressure independent control valves for hydronic systems. The body is made of dezincification-resistant brass. The internal pressure controller is made of high temperature engineered polymer for prolonged service life. Close-off pressure rating of 232 PSI. Linear valve characteristic, modified by the actuator characteristic. Lockable setting. Flow setting range. Field adjustable. Easily visible flow setting dial. The flow rate can be adjusted without removing the actuator or decommissioning the valve. The flow setting of the valve is indicated in GPM. No conversion chart is necessary. 

Size:Flow Range:Connection Type:Part Number:
DN15 - 1/2"0.13 to 0.92 GPMMNPT x FNPT1676004
DN15 - 1/2"0.7 to 4.6 GPMMNPT x FNPT1676204
DN20 - 3/4"0.7 to 4.6 GPMMNPT x FNPT1676006
DN20 - 3/4"0.8 to 5.7 GPMMNPT x FNPT1676106
DN25 - 1"1.3 to 8.8 GPMMNPT x FNPT1676108
DN32 - 1-1/4"2.6 to 15.8 GPMMNPT x FNPT1676110