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How It Works - Solar Our oventrop evacuated tube collector is a powerful solar energy generator. There are 16 vacuum tubes in a collector, each with convex aluminum solar absorber with a sputtered selective surface. The OV-5 solar absorber tranfers more solar energy into the heat pipe than would a standard flat absorber by up to 10%!

How It Works - Solar A complete vacuum is drawn from each tube. The vacuum tube employ's heat pipe technology. The heat pipe is a narrow pipe that runs from the bottom and through the top of the vacuum tube and into the condenser. A small amount of working fluid in the heat pipe instantaneiously clycles the solar energy into the condesnser inserted into the maniforld. Heat transfer fluid is ciruclated through the maniforld and tranported into the solar storage tank. The Oventrop OV-5 evcauated tube collectors can be used for closed loop active systems or drain-back configurations.

How It Works - Solar Oventrop closed loop solar heating systems includes a fully integrated pumping and control station - the Regusol 130EL. Compact, fully assembled and equiped with compression fittings, its fast and easy to install. It has all required hydronic, electrical components and safety functions that eliminate worrisome installation errors right from the start. It works with any domestic hot water closed loop solar systems.

How It Works - Solar In a solar closed loop system the pressurized heat transfer fluid is circulated throughthe solar collectors by the Regulsol 130EL and into a heat exchanger. THe heat from the fluid then transfers to the potable water within the solar storage tank.

How It Works - Solar Oventrop's solar storage tanks are integrated with internal heat exchanger. The smooth walled heat exchangers are self-cleaning and shed mineral deposits to maintain efficient solar energy transfer. Oventrop's solar storage tanks are made of glass-lined steel.

How It Works - Solar

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