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With its spectacular architecture, the service center of the Munich Airport Center (MAC) is “the” central eyecatcher at the airport. Inside of the building, Oventrop thermostats “Uni LH” and valves of the “Series F” combine to generate a pleasant room temperature. Especially for the “MAC,” the color of the thermostats was adapted to the radiators and interior decoration.

The Queen Mary 2 is one of the biggest and most expensive passenger liners in the world. Up to 2,620 passengers can be accommodated on board the luxury liner. The ship uses new electric engine technology. During the voyage, Oventrop double regulating and commissioning valves “Hydrocontrol FR” support the permanent cooling of the electric engines. The bronze flanged valve is suitable for both, salt and domestic water.

The European Parliament in Strasbourg is a main institution of the European Community. In the assembly halls, Oventrop double regulating and commissioning valves “Hydrocontrol R and F” provide ideal climate conditions. The regulating valves are installed in the supply pipes of the air conditioning units and allow to achieve a hydronic balance between the various circuits of the system.

The Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow completed in 1881, was destroyed in the 1930s. After the collapse of the USSR, the reconstruction of the cathedral became the most important project of the Orthodox church. For room temperature control, Oventrop supplied the thermostats “Uni LH” as well as isolating valves.

The Parliament Buildings in Budapest are not only the seat of the Hungarian parliament but also the landmark of the city. Its special kind of air conditioning is impressing: two hidden openings are located under two fountains in front of the building. On hot summer days, these openings serve to supply water-cooled air to the assembly halls.Oventrop valves “Aquastrom C and T plus” were installed for the thermal disinfection of the sanitary installation.

The International Finance Center is located in the bay of the Central District of Hong Kong and is one of the highest buildings in the world. Oventrop double regulating and commissioning valves were installed in the pipework of the central heating system as well as in the supply pipes of the air conditioning units. They generate a stable and comfortable ambient temperature.

The opera in Peking is a glass palace lying in water. The futuristic building has one opera hall and one concert hall as well as two theatres covering an area of more than 1.9 million square feet. A combined surface cooling and heating system serves to provide a pleasant room temperature. Oventrop supplied the surface heating and cooling system “Cofloor.”

Sky Farm, located in Sedona, Arizona incorporates Oventrop OV-5 solar collectors into the domestic hot water system and the radiant floor heating system. Sky Farm utilizes modern solar standards in design, using equipment properly selected and installed to maximize performance efficiency while insuring long term system integrity.

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